Clinton charity performance in US still struggle with powerful women: Obama


On Sunday, Obama said US society is not able to face powerful Clinton hence United States not yet elected a woman president.

Obama want to win Democrat Hillary Clinton in his office against to Republican businessman Donald Trump said election between them should not be close.

He added while political divergence in the US makes it difficult.

Obama said to donors why it is not possible for women to hold a position.

He state that “we are still struggling to have strong women as a President and bringing ourselves in trouble.”

Obama was stating strong women in his life as mother, grandmother, wife and daughters.

Polls have secure election between a former U.S. senator Clinton and a real-estate tycoon, Trump.

He assert, “this election should not became close but it will be because our society is very partial.”

The president is openly showing his contempt for Trump, because he is also leader of movement and Trumph has accepted that Obama is U.S. born on Friday.

Obama said to donors that Trump has face two candidates election in year 2008 and 2012.

Obama was pointing to its 2008 opponent John McCain; he is very different that I but I never say he is not qualified to be president of the United States.

“I couldn’t say that electing to Mitt Romney brought a sheer ruin to the country but Trump is not able to be president of United States.”

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