Bacterial Disease Diagnostics Market: Global Analysis, Trends, Segment & Forecast, 2015 – 2021 scrutinized In New Research

Bacterial Disease Diagnostics Market

Bacterial Disease Diagnostics Market

Bacteria are type of microorganism that can cause disease and such harmful bacteria are called as a pathogen. Accurate identification of bacteria and pathogen detection is essential for correct diagnostics and treatment of diseases. Diagnostics of causative organism has always been difficult to identify as some organism shows analogous symptoms like fever, and lethargy.

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The rapid identification of the causative organism is necessary for the determination of effective treatment options. Traditional methods of bacterial identification have some major drawbacks. These old methods include culturing of sample on media, gram staining, and biochemical methods. These old methods are time consuming, and they can be used to organism that can be only cultivated in vitro.

Molecular techniques are beneficial in overcoming some limitations of traditional methods. Currently, PCR (polymerase chain reaction) and other nucleic acid amplification test are the most commonly used techniques. PCR is efficient and cost effective method for amplifying the bacterial genome. PCR is the most sensitive among the existing rapid methods to detect microbial pathogens in clinical specimens. PCR assays are most useful for pathogens that are difficult to culture. The increasing use of PCR and real-time PCR equipment is likely to further enhance market growth.

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The report covers forecast and analysis for the bacterial disease diagnostics Market on a global and regional level. The study provides historic data of 2014 along with a forecast from 2015 to 2021 based on revenue (USD Million). The report also offers detailed competitive landscape of the global bacterial disease diagnostics market. It includes company market share analysis, product portfolio of the major industry participants. The report provides detailed segmentation of the bacterial disease diagnostics market based on type, technique, and region.

The high incidence of infectious diseases, growing adoption of advanced molecular techniques, advancement in technology and new product development is expected to drive the bacterial diagnostics market. However, lack of awareness of new rapid techniques in the market, inferior laboratory conditions, and high cost would affect the growth of the market.

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Bacterial disease diagnostics market is segmented based on test type, techniques, application, and end users. Based on test type bacterial disease market classified into laboratory test, imaging tests and Biopsies. On the basis of techniques market is categorized into conventional techniques, biochemical techniques and molecular techniques. Molecular technique is widely used technique.

Major regional segments of the market include North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, rest of world. Geographically, bacterial diagnostics market was dominated by North America followed by Europe due to test availability and high incidence of bacterial diseases. Countries in the Asia Pacific have the largest market for bacterial diagnostics due to high prevalence of diseases in this region.

Key players in this market are Abbott Laboratories, Auto Genomics, Biocartis, Bio-Rad, Genetics, Cepheid, Diagnostics, EKF Diagnostics, Eli Tech Group, Integra Gen Clinical, Interpace Diagnostics, Myriad Genetics, PerkinElmer Genomics, Qiagen, Quest Diagnostics, Roche Diagnostics, and Wafergen Biosystems among others.

Global Bacterial Disease Diagnostics Market: Type Segment Analysis

  • Laboratory tests
  • Imaging tests
  • Biopsy

Global Bacterial Disease Diagnostics Market: Technique Segment Analysis

  • Conventional techniques
  • Biochemical techniques
  • Molecular techniques

Global Bacterial Disease Diagnostics Market: Region Segment Analysis

  • North America
    • U.S.
  • Europe
    • UK
    • France
    • Germany
  • Asia Pacific
    • China
    • Japan
    • India
  • Latin America
    • Brazil
  • Middle East & Africa
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