China: 33 miners wedged in the underground gas explosion found dead

BEIJING: state media reported on Wednesday, 33 coal miners who wedged in the underground gas explosion former this week found dead. Work safety officials commit to penalize who are responsible.

Rescuers team working on primary basis, two miners has been saved on Monday, but rescue team doesn’t found any more alive. All dead bodies were recovered and rescuers show their respect by bowing their heads in memorial for the dead.

Gas blasts are frequently happened due to electrical spark or flame catches fire leaking from the deposit inside the mines and Ventilation systems allow gas to out.

Xinhua said, The State Administration of Work Safety has ordered to invest reason of the explosion. Adding, “Those responsible for blast will be harshly penalized.”  Home officials also ordered to smaller mines in Chongqing keep closed temporarily.

Mining industry of China broke the record of all deadliest in the world. The head of the State Administration of Work Safety said previously to this year that coal mines need keep eye on maintenance.

China is one of the leading producers and consumer of coal globally but planning to close more than 1,000 obsolete mines to decrease overproduction.


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