Journey of 2 Million Miles Accomplish by Google’s AI Driven Car


The whole automotive industry is racing to build autonomous driving technology, but a small number of teams have been working on the issue longer than the company now known as Alphabet. After investing seven and half years into the project, its car has now completed 2 million miles Journey. During the journey car navigated through millions of vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. However the total travel of car is equaled to 300 years of car driving for an average human.

Thus, positions Google AI as one of the most skilled driver around. Google appreciates the tech team and the car makers for overall efforts; it has been possible due their experience and a quality team which is letting them make most of their cars.

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Moreover, the project is on its way to be a standalone business. It has not been cleared yet by the Google about its launch, manufacturing, operational setups.

The first test was on highways for Google, where there was interaction with other cars, later on in 2014 company set their wheels on cities streets, where it struggled for space with cyclist, trains.

Next test was conducted in mountains to judge the car on turns in rush hours.

After the commercial launch of the vehicle, people using the services might take time to adjust the pace and strict rule following protocol. As humans are unpredictable and dealing with its unpredictability, it is just not AI “cup of tea”.

When these vehicles become commercially available, it may take us some time to adjust to their plodding pace and meticulous rule-following

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