In Mosul 10,500 people have been moved followed by military operations

United Nations: UN spokesperson told to reporters on Wednesday, more than 10,500 people have been moved as a result of Mosul military operation in Iraq,

Xinhua news agency reported Stephane Dujarric, UN spokesman was saying, “Most of the people taking shelter in host communities, however other are in sheltering at three displacement camps place outside of Mosul.

He said, socially working groups provides all possible help to moved families and allowed entrée to others.

Iraqi security forces have recovered possible villages from Islamic State militants, last Tuesday. It was a powerful war initiated on17 October in the Mosul city, a stronghold in Iraq.

Mosul which is situated at about 400 km from Baghdad and controlled by Islamic State militants since June 2014, when Iraqi government forces put down their weapons and fled, allowed to IS militants to take control.

Prior on Tuesday, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said, more than 7,000 Iraqi natives moved secretly followed by Mosul military operation in Iraq.

On Monday, Stephane Dujarric told to media, “The situation getting changes rapidly as time is running.”

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