Powerful quake creates heavy loss in Ussita, Italy


ROME: Heavy damage has been recorded in the Ussita town after facing strong aftershocks in the central Italy.

Mayor Marco Rinaldi told to the state media that township, town’s church and other infrastructures are heavily damage.

On early Thursday, Rinaldi said, with very fist sunrise the count of final damage will be complete.

He said, “A small region has to face number of blunders.”

Wednesday night, two powerful aftershocks hit Umbria regions in the central Italy and damage structure, scared residents running from their homes.

On Wednesday, an quake with magnitude of 5.4 upset the central Italy and Rome only two month later quake hits village which killed at least 300 people.

National Vulcanology Center of the Italy states, the epicenter of quake was found near Perugia. The US Geological Survey said depth of center lies on 10 kilometers which is moderately shallow.

The quake has been felt by the central and southern Italy that was enough powerful to shake centuries old palazzi in Rome’s historic center.

The earthquake came to 24th August destroyed peak village of Amatrice and other nearby towns.

Earthquake came on Wednesday was been felt by capital Rome, Perugia in Umbria and central Italy town of Aquila, that was more powerful than 2009 quake.

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