Apple iOS 10.2 Will not Enable users Downgrade to last Version

Apple, the tech giant who recently launched iPhone 7 and AirPods, confirmed the availability of iOS 10.2 to eligible devices. The new iOS version is bundled with tons of features. However, there is one twist. If you have already upgraded to iOS 10.2 version and you want to go back to previous version, then you will not be able to do so.

Few days after the launching of iOS 10.2, the company pulled the switch off for publishing iOS version 10.1 and iOS version 10.1.1 for all iPads, iPhones and iPods. Users those who are not aware of this, the company prohibits signing of older versions of OS when it wants to increase the seeding of new one. Another important factor behind this decision is to avoid the current devices getting infected and causing safety issues. Users who have jailbroken their devices will suffer a lot due to this decision.

The new version of iOS has a unique feature for iPhone users in India. The upgrade gives ‘SOS’ feature to users in India. Users can see this feature in under ‘General Menu’ in the ‘Settings’. The new iOS 10.2 has also bundled up 100 new emojis based on new Unicode 9.0 standards.

Clearly, the new updated iOS version 10.2 is interesting and will have lot of undiscovered features. If you are aware of those features, do share it with us. Also, do not forget to share your thoughts and views about the Apple’s decision to prohibit users from downgrading the iOS.

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