Bacteria-Powered Battery Developed

The technological developments are on the highest peak in 21st century. The emerging technologies with biotechnological concepts are majorly in focus. Researchers are trying hard to develop any innovation that can be helpful for the human kind and doesn’t deplete the natural resources.

Bacteria-Powered Battery Developed

Focusing on the recently developed mind-blowing invention, some researchers from Binghamton University, New York have developed a battery that is powered by bacteria with the help of a sheet of paper. Isn’t it cool? The project was backed by a concept of building batteries for non-usable microelectronics that can work for more duration by using bacteria-based liquid.

The researchers stated that the development of this technique will reduce assembling time and cost and the design would definitely transform the utilization of bio batteries in remote areas where there is scarcity of the resources.

The battery is capable of generating 31.51 MW at 125.53 micro amperes with structuring of six batteries in parallel series and 44.85 MW at 105.89 microamperes in a 6×6 formation.

The procedure includes a piece of chromatography paper and strip of silver nitrate, which should be placed under the wax. The other side of the paper was made up of conductive polymer. Further, the bacteria liquid is detained and due to cellular respiration, the battery is powered up.

Researchers said that it won’t power the whole car, but can be used for the functioning of glucose sensors, identify pathogens, and can also keep the small electronics devices working with any power supplies.

However, advanced development in paper batteries would probably help the world in future disaster and emergencies due to convenience of portability.

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