New tool released by Facebook to handle the false stories

In previous days, Facebook has been facing loads of grievances for the rising number of false news published.

As an attempt to put some limitations and to analyze the sources based on the flags, Facebook has added a feature to restrict the spread of fake stories and misinformation. The Internet giant also had to face the criticism due to users claiming the effects of fake news on the latest US election.

The new feature enables the user to spam the fake stories through their account. The drop down displays as “It’s A Fake Story” for the content related to spam. The label “disputed” stories will also be added, with a cross check by referring to fact-checking organizations.

Some of the policies have been implemented by Facebook for fact-checkers in terms of code of principles. There are 43 signatories and contributors including some news organizations located around globe, who share their facts with Facebook.

The content in terms of stories or news detected as fake news post-fact checking process will have a link with an explanation, and such content won’t be seen on the social feed. Same with disputed stories, it will notify the user if it’s fake.

The company was also in the plan to penalize the websites that tried to imitate the publishers and represented them as reputed news source.

Facebook said, “We trust on the people’s opinion and we can’t judge ourselves, due to which we are impending this issue cautiously”.

So better identify the flags of fake news while scrolling the profile.

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