Sony MDR XB50BS Review: For the Bass lovers

Sony is famous and popular for its product in the range of audio section. Right from today’s Hi-tech players to way back to the first Walkman, Sony has never failed to surprise us. This time, too, Sony did the same. The new Sony MDR XB50BS is full of audio and bass. Let’s have a quick look at the device.


With a large in-ear design, the device is a bit of heavy. But the soft rubber bud does not put much pressure on the ears. It is of the size that allows the device to be in ears preventing them to fall apart. This device saves the tension of audio jack as well as twisted cable as it is Bluetooth-capable.

The Sony MDR XB50BS has three buttons which perform regular functions. The device is more convenient and easy to port due to its 22g of weight.


The device didn’t take much time to pair with other devices. This happens within a fraction of second. The only drawback of the Sony MDR XB50BS is that you have reset the setting to connect with other devices due to the absence of multi-device connectivity function.

Priced for Rs 4,599, the Sony MDR XB50BS is a piece of cake. Its elegant device and the blast-off audio quality are off the charts. If you are a true lover of audio, the Sony MDR XB50BS will not disappoint you. It is a sure thing for the audio lovers and worth the price that it comes with.

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