Top New Year’s Resolution for 2017

As the year is to end, people have started planning their New Year’s Resolution. Each of them has their personal goals and objectives that need to be achieved. Each one has their own challenges that they need to complete and accomplish. Well, today we will discuss the top New Year’s Resolutions that people make every year, but fail to continue them…

New Year’s Resolution for 2017

The top and the most famous resolution that people make every year is to stay fit and healthy. Around 37% people around the globe make such resolution. Some succeed while some fail miserably. The next to discuss is—Lose weight. Yes!!! So obvious!!! Almost 32% of people in the world make this resolution. They join a gym with a year’s subscription, start following a diet, go into full beast mode, and so on.

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Some take it seriously while others do not. Moving on further, other resolutions such as to enjoy life to the fullest, spend less save more, and more time with family contributes almost 28%, 25%, and 19%, respectively. Sounds like just another thing on the to-do list, but very difficult to accomplish. Though not impossible!!

When a study was conducted, many other resolutions were found. They include—get organized, which contributed for 18% of people; new hobby, which contributed for 14% of people; traveling, which contributed for 14% of people; and reading, which contributed for 12% of people.

There was a total 16% of the population that decided to not make any resolution for the New Year.

Well friends, hope you have made your New Year’s resolution and are determined enough to follow it. Do not make resolutions just for name sake. If you are truly going to follow it, then it is worth making a resolution.

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