Can Father’s Diet Have an Impact on the Son’s Reproduction Capability?

Previously, it was studied that the fathers passed on only genetic material to their sons but as per the recent research, father’s diet can have a major impact on the son’s reproduction capability. Hence, a father’s diet can help his son compete the rival’s sperm after the mating process.

Can Father’s Diet Have an Impact on the Son’s Reproduction Capability?

In order to prove its research right, the researcher carried out an experiment on the fruit flies as they showed similarity in the genes and pathways when compared to the humans.

According to Dr. Susanne Zajitschek, the School of Biological Sciences, the paternal environment plays an important role in the future generation as well as even before the offspring is produced.

The males feeding on a rich protein, low-protein diet, or intermediate diet showed that their son’s had a huge difference in the gene expression which is likely to have an impact on the sperm competitiveness. Thus, it can be concluded the fathers with a better diet can produce sons with a better sperm quality. The immune response and reproductive genes were low in sons fathered by an individual with the low-protein diet whereas in case of the high-protein diet, the sons had an excellent metabolic and reproductive process.

This is going to be one of the few studies to have proved how a paternal diet quality can attribute an effect on the trans-generation. In short, the paternal diet has a major effect on the son’s gene expression and post-copulatory sexual selection according to Dr. Susanne Zajitschek.

Well, this is something unheard but interesting fact…!

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