Correction of Faulty Codes Can Help In Managing Tech Debt

There may be times in your business as a software company when you do not have much time in hand but have to release a project to survive in the business. But such hasty and early release can lead to technical debt, and in due course of time, you may not even have time to go back and clear the code to make it perfectly functional once again. Sometimes there may be other reasons as well like the use of wrong technology, less knowledge and skill of the developer and much more. Such problems will manifest themselves in different ways like scalability, performance, convoluted schema, long enhancement in cycle time, production outage and much more.

Managing Tech Debt

Debt Does Not Fix Itself 

However unfortunate it may be, it is always universally true that debt does not fix itself. Moreover, it accrues interest just like any other financial debt and behaves in the same manner. Just like unmanageable financial debt can kill your financial freedom, unmanageable tech debt can also kill your company, slowly but surely. It results in lower productivity, issues regarding performance, quality expense and morality as well. Teams start to shirk responsibility, and no one wants to clear the code, which is similar to paying the interest as in financial debt.

Not All Debts Are Bad

Once again if you compare tech debt with financial debt, you can conclude that like financial debt all tech debts are not bad. With limited financial debt you can maintain a stylish lifestyle and manage your family issues and requirement easily, but for that, you must also have the required resources to pay it back on time on a regular basis. You can click here to find out what happens if a debt is not cleared on time. Similarly, a little tech debt can improve competition between your teams and business competitors as well provided you do not let it grow over time. You should have the required time to remediate or pay it back, on time.

Reasons For Tech Debt  

The reasons for tech debt are varied, just like the requirement to take a financial loan may be varied. It can be for medical reasons, or for the education of your child, or to buy a new home for which you may want to borrow some money. Similarly, tech debt reasons can be meeting the deadlines, pressure from the product owner as well as the stake holders, change in focus of the teams and even exiting of critical bugs in the code. The exact impact of such debt cannot be ascertained beforehand, but it is a good practice to be ready to address it using derived values of it.

Work Together To Solve

It is important to work together as a team when you want to refactor a faulty code which will only help in the survival of your business. You should also involve the stakeholders along with the team of developers so that opinions and ideas can come out largely and freely. All the constituencies should be taken into consideration as even architecture, and the infrastructure can also have tech debt.

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