Gifting teddy in this loving season? Then you should know some teddy facts too

It’s 10 February and its teddy day and also its 4th day to express your affection. Teddy is just an object used to express it, but gifting it signifies your personality reflection in it. Before gifting it, let us take you through some brain freezing facts and reality, off course related to teddy and bears.

Gifting teddy in this loving season

• There is a specific word for the person who is very fond of or loves teddy or has loads of teddy collection is called an Arctophile which means arctos–bear and philos–fond of or loving.

• Paul Greenwood—one of the American’s billionaire investor holds the record for collecting highest number of teddies. Later when teddies were pout for the auction the total valuation of the collection was for £1.1 million.

• The first teddy bear was inspired by the 26th U.S. President Theodore Roosevolt as he was also called teddy.

• It is believed that first teddy bear was created by a German toy maker Margarete Steiff in 1902.

• Fujitsu—a Japanese company made a teddy robot that can interact and make some simple gestures.

• After the unfortunate accident of the Titanic, 1912. A toy maker named Margarete Steiff made black teddy bears as mourning gifts for the ones who lost their loved ones in the disaster.

• The very first teddy bear festival was held in London in the year 1989.

We know that’s a lot of history related to the teddy bear toys. Stay tuned with us, as the days have just started.

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