Glooko and Ascensia Come Together To Enhance Diabetes Management

So many people around the globe have diabetes. Various preventive measure and treatments are given to the patients to combat the life-threatening disease. With its second joint venture announced, Ascensia Diabetes Care and Glooko are teaming up to unite the former’s blood glucose monitoring systems to its diabetes data management platform.

 Glooko and Ascensia

Within this affiliation, they will be connecting Contour Plus One and Contour Next One systems of Ascensia into the data management platform of Glooko. The aim of doing this is to enhance diabetes analytics and data management for physicians and patients. Before this partnership, Novo Nordisk and Glooko had combined forces to build up “digital health solutions” for management of diabetes.

The Contour Next One system was approved by Food and Drug Administration in November, 2015. It consists of an app and a smart blood glucose meter to assist the patients to comprehend and deal with their diabetes in a better way. The blood glucose data is send by the meter to the app through the Bluetooth.

The Contour systems too will be connecting with Glooko’s platform via Bluetooth. Thus, it would enable the patients to analyze their records in the Glooko platform and also in the Contour apps. And at the same time, physicians also can get access to the patient’s records in the Glooko Clinic Solution.

CEO of Ascensia, Michael Kloss, said, “Diabetes Data management Platform of Glooko is now  extensively used for personal as well as clinical diabetes data analytics and decision making. Glooko’s wide delivery into health systems will make it possible for us to simply and impeccably convey extremely precise data from Contour Plus One and Contour Next One blood glucose monitoring systems to clinicians in their work plan.”

At present, Glooko’s platform downloads data from around 160 diabetes-related tools and includes 4,000 diabetes clinics in about 23 countries. The agreement involves every market where the products of Ascensia and Glooko are sold. The integration of the two will be made accessible shortly this year.

Hope this development makes its more feasible for the patients and clinicians to manage diabetes. Feel free to share your thoughts.

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