How to Master Ios 10

If you have bought the latest iPhone 7, and have recently shifted to iOS from the native Android platform, then you need to follow these tips to master the iOS 10. Here we go.

Ios 10

Become a super typer

Typing on iOS is a complete different experience as compared to the Android. It can be pain while typing on iOS. To avoid this pain or to master in typing on iOS, you can use phrases or shortcuts that have the ability to expand automatically. This can be done by getting into the Setting -> Keyboard -> Text Replacement. You can add a shortcut here. For instance, you can write a shortcut ‘.email’ which when typed will get converted into your own email id.

Master your Widget

Widgets were introduced in iOS 8 but now they are in trend. One that masters the art of widgets will rule the iOS 10. Prevent displaying sensitive and private data from the widgets as other people may view them. In order to do so, go to Settings -> TouchID & Passcode -> Allow access when locked.

Awesomise your messages

Do you know that you can customize your message in the Message app? You have tons of options to do so. You can make an iMessage song, get a translator, or use in-built GIFs.

Well, now that you have known these tips and tricks, start implementing them as soon as possible to master the realm of iOS 10. Hope to see you as a master till the next time we meet.

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