Microgrids Can Help Light the Whole Village

Rural areas in India are still developing. They are taking smaller steps towards success. We can be very thankful to the government for the Solar Home Systems which helps provide electricity even in the far off areas where the electricity reach is considered next to impossible. The systems can provide a certain amount of electricity to help light up the house, charge phones, and functioning of DC fans and TV sets. But if you think about using the SHS for cooking than a big question arises. “How big will the Solar Home Systems become?” if the cooking becomes electricity based. And most importantly will it be affordable for the individual home of rural areas?

Microgrids Can Help Light the Whole Village

Even though biomass is considered to be of the lowest cost and clean source of energy it still does not prove to be highly beneficial when it comes to controlling climate change. Therefore, looking out for other options is a must.

The researchers thus came up with an idea that “why should individual homes have the system?” rather than why not build a large microgrid in its place so that not only is lighting and small power applications fulfilled but also cooking can be made possible. If a village has a large microgrid set up centrally then it is a solution for whole electrification process. This solution is for sure going help the people low their bills. A microgrid can be developed using batteries, solar panels, and diesel or biogas generators. The microgrid can be connected to an internet hub which can help the villagers not only enjoy the continuous power supply but also enjoy the internet, for instance, Wi-Fi access.

“What is going to be the design and economics for a village?’ is a question to think about. But “are there any volunteers’ interested in this project?” is my question.


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