New Android Based Scan & Go App Developed For Walmart Checkouts

Do you get pissed when you see overloaded trollies in Walmart with long queues waiting for the checkouts?

New Android Based Scan & Go App Developed For Walmart Checkouts

Then, the Walmart Scan and Go app is just for you. The app is specially developed for the people who are extra impatient by nature. Many retailers are trying their best to ease the checkout process, but the issue is all about collecting bills and handling cash that needs reliable system to monitor the transactions.

Walmart—one of the struggling retailers, who is also handling the checkout issues, has introduced Scan and Go android-based app which will probably boost the shopping process.

The big question is—how it works, right?

Whenever you walk into Walmart, take out your phone, open the Scan & Go app, and simply scan the barcode sticker printed on the product before you put it in your shopping cart (doesn’t relate to online cart). While shopping, you can simultaneously see the total number of scanned items in your online cart (on your phone in the app). Hence, once done, you can simply pay the bill and show the payment receipt to the authorized person and just get away from the huge mob.

However, by using the app you do save lots of time, especially on the seasonal days. But, let me remind you that the scanning has to be done by yourself. So that might be a complex task. But who cares when we have ample amount of time to shop with loads of assistants (family members, boyfriend, husband, or other individuals) to help.

The app is still on the pilot run, but you can download the app if you often shop from Walmart, as it might be a boon to an impatient personality.

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