When Your Phone Catches Fire…

Whether it be of any brand or company, there are the same chances of the battery of any phone to heat and explode. So here are some tips that you should try when you think that your battery is heating or when it is on fire.

When Your Phone Catches Fire…

Warning signs

When the battery is about to explode or to catch a fire, it heats up to an extreme temperature. It also swells up. Your smartphone looks like it is having a bump at the rear side.

Do this if your battery is over heated

Use something to cover your hands. A pair of thons can works. Rubber or leather gloves too are good. They are fire resistant but not fire proof. Oven mitt or a towel can also be handy in such situations. Once you have covered your hands, turn off the device. If the device is on charging, unplug it as soon as possible. Keep the device in an isolated place and away from the flammable things. Contact the hop from where you purchased the device for further instructions.

If the device catches fire

Move away from the device as soon as possible. Put off the fire by using fire extinguisher. If you don’t have a fire extinguisher then you can use sand for the putting of the fire. Usage of water is also recommended. Water dampens the fire. But in some cases, water may worsen the situation depending upon the chemicals used in the production of battery.

So friends, keep these tips in mind. Follow these steps if you think that you might encounter such problems in future. Also, spread the word to your friends and family. This is a critical matter, as it can cause serious damage to your smartphone as well as your life; better take it seriously. So do follow these steps and stay safe.

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