This Is the Most Popular Emoji in the World

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging app. Each and every person owing a smartphone has the app installed in it. The app is famous for providing high-end service with additional features such as sharing images, videos, files, and GIFs. It also enables the user to make voice calls and video calls as well.

This Is the Most Popular Emoji in the World

But the most fun part is using emojis while chatting with other users. Speaking about emojis, when a survey was conducted, the most popular emoji was found to be the ‘face with tears of joy’ all over the world except for France. The romantic French people preferred the ‘heart’ emoji. Calculating the math, 427 Million messages were analyzed to reach this conclusion. These messages were travelled across 4 Million smartphones located in 212 different countries.

The study also revealed some other information as well. According to this study, the ‘face with tears of joy’ was the most popular emoji in the world. This was followed by the ‘heart’ emoji that grabbed second position in the list. The ‘heart eyes’ emoji was numbered third in the list of popularity.

The ‘face with tears of joy’ compromised for 15.4% of the total symbols in the world used. While in France, the heart emoji compromised for 20% of symbols used in that country.

Well, it is obvious that the ‘face with tears of joy’ emoji will be popular owing to the fact that we use this emoji to reply to any jokes. Never mind!!!! What is your favorite emoji?

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