Skype Integrated With Volvos 90 Series Cars to Ease the Communication

The tech giants, automakers, start-ups, and many similar sources have bloomed the technology in a more interactive way and have changed the communication system drastically.

Skype Integrated With Volvos 90 Series Cars to Ease the Communication

The journey of the communication system has been through many surprising techniques and complication; hence, its result is the same world where we are living right now with high-end devices and instrument.

Similarly, how does it sound if Skype conference calls can be directly attended through the inbuilt mechanism placed in your car itself?

The auto giant Volvo has connected its cars with a modern and most used online communication platform, Skype. The move is a step towards “Skype for business” concept, through which Skype will be integrated into the Volvo 90 series cars.

The feature will enable the drivers to glance at the upcoming meetings as well as join the conference calls at a single press in the touch screen console.

However, it is quite a thinkable fact in the age of live video calls: Why would anyone use calling feature that too in a car? But the application of the ideas has a base of customer centricity, focusing on those people who start the day with the business calls while driving.

Moreover, the collaboration of the Microsoft and Volvo also includes Cortana —the virtual assistant. It will assist drivers through voice recognition and smart context identification from the data sources.

Thus, this step might not work as expected for now, but the move is definitely an initiative by Volvo and Microsoft for the future based transportation, where the vehicles won’t be just for traveling from source to destination.

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