Sony to Launch Memory-Embedded Camera

Sony is that one company who has made its name in the smartphone industry while keeping its original profession intact. What we mean to say is—Sony was not a smartphone manufacturer or developer since beginning. It was a well-known brand, which was popular for its camera. And, as a matter of fact, it is still!!! Sony continued its original job and side by side also entered the world of smartphones. In this rush, it never forgot to maintain its quality.

The most interesting thing that we are fond about this company is that it brought the quality of its camera and carry forwarded it to the smartphones. Hence, with a personal experience, Sony smartphones have the best camera in the market. And to continue this tradition, the company has come to a decision. The Japanese tech giant has decided to launch memory-embedded camera for its Xperia smartphones in the coming period.

The company itself shared this idea on the Xperia Blog website. The new memory-embedded camera is also known as the ‘motion eye’. So what is the big deal about this motion eye??? Well, with the help of motion eye, users can capture 4 pics within a second. These pics are captured even before the users press the shutter button to capture the moment.

The new motion eye feature will be seen in the upcoming Xperia XZs and Xperia XZ Premium. These smartphones are lined up to launch later this year.

Well, Sony has proved it again that no matter what, it will always be remembered for its quality and innovation.

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