Soul of a Disney Movie in a $180 Robot Toy

The cute face of the artificial intelligence has come up. Anki, the renowned tech company for its contribution in AI, has developed a toy robot named Anki Cozmo. The company got the idea of making Anki Cozmo for an animated character. Let us have a glance on this tiny little AI.

Soul of a Disney Movie in a $180 Robot Toy

Anki has made the dream to bring home the tiny and the coolest robot ever come true. Most of us will be confused as to how hard will it be operate a robot? Well, that’s the specialty of Cozmo. It is way much easier than you could imagine. And most importantly, you do not have to build it. You get a readymade robot out of the box to play with. While building the robot, the company has considered the factors such as overall security, safety, and durability.

When you purchase the Anki Cozmo, there are a couple of things that you get with the robot. Let us unbox the Anki Cozmo!!! Firstly, you will have the self-aware Anki Cozmo robot within the box (funny to mention though). Next, you will receive a charger used to charge the robot. You will also get 3 interactive power cubes. The charger can be used to charge the cubes as well.

But, in order make the robot play, you will need to a compatible device (Android or iOS) and the corresponding app to operate the Cozmo robot.

Well, Anki Cozmo is surely the future tiny little face of the artificial intelligence. If you don’t believe, you can try it for yourself and experience the reality.

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