The Source and Meaning Of Tech Debt Makes It Invisible

Technical debt is a silent and invisible killer of a software company as no one can pinpoint the source of it. Therefore, the meaning and definition of it is also not clear to most of the business owners. It is just a metaphor which becomes dangerous in the future if it is left unattended and unaddressed for a long time. It may become inflexible due to the specialization of the developers who ship first time code in haste which leads to technical debt. You will have to rewrite a code promptly when there is a little debt in it as it may also help in the development process of the company. That is the reason most owners consider a little debt to be useful.

Meaning Of Tech Debt

Repayment Is Necessary

The danger starts and spread very quickly when such repayment or rewriting is not done on a regular basis. Every minute that is spent on a faulty code is counted as its interest and it starts to accumulate over time. If there is any unconsolidated implementation the entire engineering organization can come to a standstill. The longer such conditions prevail, mire is the danger to the company. It will become more difficult and expensive to pay the interest which will result in loss of customers, time, money and all other resources. It is like ether pay it now or be ready to pay more later.

Recent Codes Are Easier

It is easy to clean the codes which are written more recently. It makes the team easier to identify the area of fault, called bug, rectify it with short and quick refactoring. But if you do not give the team such time to refactor, it grows up and takes drastic effects. Therefore, you should care for paying down the debt at the earliest and you can best do it by keeping some time specifically allotted for the tem developers for rewriting and refactoring the codes that are found to have tech debt in it. A little time now will save you a considerable amount of loss in terms of both time and money.

Testing Should Be Regular

There is requirement to test the codes not only before its release but also during every stage of its designing. Apart from that. After the release also time and again it should be tested to identify any bug in it. There are several automated tools available which will help you detect, evaluate and address the fault in any code base. As tech debts can be deep within the code and also in the architecture and infrastructure of it, automated testing is the only way in which you can get help. You can click hereto know some of such automated testing tools.

Type Of Tech Debts

There are a large variety of tech debts. There can be poorly designed and written code debt and also debts in the architecture as well which results in few abstractions. There can be slow and unresponsive codes which are poor in handling and called API debt. Apart from that you can have quality and infrastructural debt as well.

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