Tinder selects—A Secret App by Tinder That Is Accessible Only for Some Special One

We all know the location-based social search mobile app Tinder. More than a social media application, it is also widely known as dating app. It allows the mutually connected users to chat.

Tinder selects—A Secret App by Tinder That Is Accessible Only for Some Special One

Focusing on the headlines, don’t be shocked after knowing that tinder is secretly operating its exclusive version of its app, which is only accessible for celebrities and elite members. The app is known as Tinder selects, which is members-only platform; that means not every common user can access it.

Tinder Select app also sent request for those who perform well on Tinder. The member’s of this secret Tinder app have members such as supermodels, actors, CEOs of companies, famous personalities, and many others.

It is also disclosed that Tinder itself notifies such people by sending an invitation. Some of the members can also benefit the privilege to recommend others for Tinder select app, but there is a clause for those who are nominated; they cannot suggest others. The mechanism behind the nomination isn’t cleared yet, as there are no algorithms or patterns created to select some heads. But looking at the selection that is already made, it seems that the app specifically targets the high profile personalities.

It is has been said that one of the procedures Tinder might be using is the rating system known as Tinder Elo score, which is based on the user signals.

The notification sent to the nominee says, “I’m inviting you to join Tinder Select, a member’s only community. To complete your invitation, tap here” followed by a link.

Report says if compared to the normal Tinder app, the Tinder Select is made more creatively with better user interface. The app has a Blue “S” on the top, which denotes select. There are toggle buttons for the user to access the app.

For now Tinder has plans to make the Select app open its service for public.

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