Tools To Get ‘Global Jobs’ Sitting At Home

Well, this is the dream!!! Sitting at home, relaxing, and earning is the dream that everybody has. Well, if you want a job just by sitting at home, you are at the right place. To do so, you will need some tools. Which tools? Well, here is the list.



If you are fond of photography and are thinking to make it as your career, then Photomoolah is the right tool for you. The services by Photomoolah offer a platform for ad agencies and brands to circulate their needs in terms of what kind of photos they require for their product.

Now, Photomoolah turns these offers into contest and sends public invites online. Interested photographers respond to their contests. The one who wins gets the contract. Simple!!!



If you love cooking, pottery, crafts, magic tricks, or sketching, or if you are a prowess expert in web programming, music, advanced mathematics, design, or anything that can be taught with the help of a course, Udemy is the place. You get a job instantly.

Tours by locals

Tours by locals

As the name suggest, this allows you to be a guide. For those who live in a tourist area where there is a lot of tourist mob, you have a golden opportunity. The Tours by local platform gives you the opportunity to be a guide of your local surrounding for the tourists. Isn’t it great? And on top of this, all of it is done online. That means, you can guide the tourist by video call as well.

Well, if you want to achieve your dreams by just sitting at home, then hurry up.

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