It’s A Bonanza for Google’s Duo and Allo App

Once again Google has its users surprised. Can Google ever stay back when it comes to developing a new feature? This is exactly what question the other companies including Apple, Microsoft, Mozilla, and others have for Google. Google apps are a craze among the masses nowadays. Google recently has added new features to its Duo and Allo app. These apps are one of the widely used apps among the public due to its technological advancements.

It’s A Bonanza for Google’s Duo and Allo App

Duo is a video-calling app provided by Google. The app has recently been updated with a new feature, that is, audio-only option added to the video-calling app. On the other hand, the Allo app has a feature of letting share documents or files having their extension as .apk, .zip, .mp3, .docs, .pdf, and .jpeg. These apps can function even during low connectivity. For example, the back of the Google Photos or their sharing is possible even during the slow connectivity. The quality of the files may be low during the low connectivity but is updated to high quality the moment connection gets strong.

The Duo app with the newly added feature is currently available in Brazil itself from March 22, 2017, and will soon be made available on a commercial scale to the masses around the globe. The video-calling app will give a tight competition to Facebook’s Messenger, Apple’s FaceTime, and Microsoft’s Skype. Allo app’s file sharing feature makes it all the more attractive.

In addition to this, Google has added a location-sharing feature to Google Maps to help people keep a track on the locations traveled by their family and friends. It also has a feature of keeping a control on whom to share the location with.

Google is always finding out new ways of surprising  its users. Way to go Google!

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