Bullseye! You Have a Tech-Based Dartboard Coming

Bullseye! Every time you throw a dart, isn’t it strange? It might seem magical. But it’s true. The engineer has got it right this time. “How are the drunkards going to feel about this dart game?” is something that is going to be worth the wait. The whole magical and impossible game has been brought to reality by Mark Rober, a former NASA engineer.

Bullseye! You Have a Tech-Based Dartboard Coming

This engineer just cannot see the drunkards losing any more. So he has got a dart game that is going to help those guys win the game everytime they throw the dart. Bullseye!

The dartboard has about six infrared cameras present that are technologically engineered in such a manner that it can track the specially built darts be it thrown in the horizontal or vertical direction. The dartboard has been designed in such a way that it can cancel the surrounding unwanted noises and concentrate only on the thrown darts. Physics is something that has to go tangent to the rain, but still it is not bad to get a rough idea about. So here it is, the dartboard works on the parabolics arc and some straight line theories. The dart brain has been constructed in order to help an individual get the target right everytime. The board has six motors too which are powered using the Arduino. From the motors there are about a pool of wires connecting to the board in order to aid its movement in the direction of the darts thrown. The infrared cameras give a trigonometric-based idea to the motors to enhance the movement.

Looking at this engineering, it ought to be expensive, something that you cannot afford for your basement bar at the moment. But in the coming years, it is sure to make a buzz.

You can get people pranked too.

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