You Can Now Watch Netflix via Firefox on Linux

Internet is the new craze among the public. People try staying connected as well as watching movies online using a number of services provided by the companies such as Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, and Apple. “Aren’t you active on Netflix?” is a common question asked by the youngsters. Though Netflix is one of the best sites, it still isn’t that well-known in most of the regions.

You Can Now Watch Netflix via Firefox on Linux

Currently, Netflix is the hot topic due to the advancement going on in the site. The company has planned to enhance its technology by making the users watch Netflix using Firefox on Linux. The use of Firefox to watch Netflix is a big success for the brainchild company Netflix Inc. This new concept has been brought to life not only by the company but also by its other partners such as Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, and Apple.

Earlier, users had to use Google Chrome to run Netflix on Linux. But now the users can use Firefox which is a great relief for the Firefox users. There are about 4% Internet users using Linux as an operating system, which is the main reason for the company to let the site work on this operating system. The company plans to attract a lot of Firefox users to use Netflix while using Linux. The Netflix team supports the concept of saving the ecosystem by creating awareness among its Internet users.

Netflix team is still working on improving its video quality. The company plans to improve the quality up to 4K and HDR (high-dynamic range). Now, the only way of watching Netflix 4K videos on a computer is by upgrading the operating systems to Windows 10 and using Microsoft Edge. Only upgrading the software is not enough you must also have a 7th generation Intel Core processor installed in the PC. Lately, the newest trend is using Netflix-enabled TV to watch the videos in 4K HDR. So, get ready to grab on the soon-to-be-launched LG G6 TV. Netflix is working on enhancing other platforms to render a 4K support. The company is still looking forward to more development.

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