Email Habits That Make People Hate You

Emails have become an important part of your life. If you are working in a company, weather it may be any post, nothing is possible without email. Emails are required for intercommunicating within the company as well as communicating outside the company with clients. Hence, it is necessary to frame an email properly. Your email habits can reveal a lot about you. Here are some habits that you have while writing an email and which the people hate.

Email Habits That Make People Hate You

Sending the so-called urgent emails

Have you heard the story of a boy that yelled wolf every day? Villagers used to gather at this yelling and would find nothing. But there came a time when the wolf appeared in real. The boy shouted but this time there was no one to help.

Same is the thing with those so-called urgent emails that are not urgent at all. So avoid doing such foolishness.


Using CAPS once a while to make a point clear is okay. But writing a whole mail in CAPS and that too every time represents that you are yelling the person. So avoid using CAPS all the time. Use only when necessary! For instance, use CAPS when you want to highlight a word or a line.

Late night emails

This is a habit that will be hated by everyone. Do not mail a person at night. The maximum time that you can email a person is till 10.00 PM that too with his permission. Emails are used for professional communications and no professional communication takes place at mid night after 12.00 PM. So avoid this habit as well.

So friends, now that you know which habits might land you in trouble, avoid those and be professional. Let us know if you have some more habits to update our list by commenting below.

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