Future Smartphones Probably To Be Of Glass

Soon in the near future we may have to give a biding adieu to the finger-print sensors and buttons on our smartphones. Thanks to the new technology by Synaptics, the same company responsible for Apple iPad’s scroll wheel. The company has declared, and is confident enough to say, the primary glass-based finger print sensor for tablets and smartphones.

Future Smartphones Probably To Be Of Glass

The new optical FS9100 fingerprint sensor from Synaptics has the ability to detect finger prints through 1mm of full glass cover. This let the door open for the future smartphone to have a finger print sensor without any help of a physical button. Additionally, the new technology is responsive to wet hands as well.

The company promised to make the display of good quality so that they are scratchproof and more durable enough to bear any accidental wear and tear.

The sensors of this technology are likely to go for a sample test early next year. This will be followed by a great and huge production in the same year. Hence, we are expecting a global change in the coming period in the field of smartphones.

Even though the firm has not revealed name any of any product that will be using this technology, rumors are saying that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 will be the first handset to feature this technology. As the company shares an old relation with Samsung, this was pretty obvious. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is likely to be launched in the coming period soon all over the globe.

Indeed, this new technology will change the course of smartphones that will be launched in the near future. As for now, you do need to worry about this. The current design of the smartphone is way better. It will take time for the implementation of this type of technology in the smartphones.

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