Manage Your Outlook with This Shortcuts

For the workers of IT sector, here is something that can come handy for you. Each and every one that is working uses Outlook for intercommunication in the office. Hence, it is necessary for us to manage our outlook carefully. And this can be done with more ease if you are aware about the shortcuts. Here are some shortcuts that can come handy.

Manage Your Outlook with This Shortcuts

Ctrl+Shift+I    Switch to Inbox.

Ctrl+Shift+O  Switch to Outbox.

Ctrl+tab (with focus on the To box) and then tab to the Accounts button     Choose the account from which to send a message.

Ctrl+K Check names.

Alt+S  Send.

Ctrl+R Reply to a message.

Ctrl+Shift+R  Reply all to a message.

Ctrl+F Forward a message.

Ctrl+Alt+J       Mark a message as not junk.

Ctrl+Shift+I    Display blocked external content (in a message).

Ctrl+Shift+S  Post to a folder.

Ctrl+Shift+N  Apply Normal style.

Ctrl+M/F9       Check for new messages.

Arrow Up/Arrow Down        Go to the previous or next message.

Ctrl+N Create a new message (when in Mail).

Ctrl+Shift+M  Create a new message (from any Outlook view).

Ctrl+O Open a received message.

Ctrl+Shift+B  Open the Address Book.

Ctrl+Shift+O  Convert an HTML or RTF message to plain text.

Insert  Add a Quick Flag to an unopened message.

Ctrl+Shift+G  Display the Flag for Follow Up dialog box.

Ctrl+Q/Ctrl+U            Mark as read or unread.

Ctrl+Shift+W Show the menu to download pictures, change automatic download settings, or add a sender to the Safe Senders List.

F4       Find or replace.

Shift+F4         Find next.

Ctrl+Enter      Send.

Ctrl+P Print.

Ctrl+F Forward.

Ctrl+Alt+F      Forward as attachment.

Alt+Enter       Show the properties for the selected item.

Ctrl+Alt+M     Mark for Download.

Ctrl+Alt+U      Clear Mark for Download.

Ctrl+b (when a Send/Receive is in progress)     Display Send/Receive progress.

Ctrl+E Find a message or other item.

Esc     Clear the search results.

Ctrl+Alt+A      Expand the search to include All Mail Items, All Calendar Items, or All Contact Items, depending on the module you are in.

Ctrl+Alt+W     Expand the Search Query Builder.

Ctrl+Shift+F  Use Advanced Find.

Ctrl+Shift+P  Create a new Search Folder.

F4       Search for text within a message or other item.

Shift+F4         Find next during text search within a message or other item.

Ctrl+H Find and replace text, symbols, or some formatting commands within open items. Works in the Reading Pane on an open item.

Ctrl+Alt+K      Expand search to include the desktop.

So friends, manage your mails easily using the above shortcuts.

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