Marijuana: The New Cure to Fight Anxiety

The first that comes to one’s mind after hearing the name Marijuana is drug and addiction. But a group of researchers has come forward to change the whole concept about what people think regarding this plant. Can you even imagine using Marijuana as a therapeutic drug for the anxiety disorder patients? No, if you see it as an addictive drug; and Yes, if you know its actual chemical properties. Hence, the researchers have made it a point to prove it to the masses that the plant has medical properties which have been overlooked over the years.

Marijuana: The New Cure to Fight Anxiety

According to the researchers, Marijuana has a chemical component present in it called cannabidiol. This chemical could be used to treat anxiety disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorders and phobias. The major factor of anxiety is fear which the chemical can control by affecting the part of the brain dealing with this emotion. The use of the chemical to treat epilepsy has proven beneficial with no side effects. But there are lot side effects related to the use of this chemical-based drug for the anxiety struck patients as it takes a lot of time to kick in and it is not effective for all the patients. There may be side effects such as sexual dysfunction, drowsiness, and weight gain related to the use of these drugs.

Hence, a lot more study is required before getting cannabidiol-based drugs in the market. Till date, the drug has been tested on the rodents and rats as they have the brain functionality similar to that of the human brain. The chemical has shown positive results on these species hence their use for the human disorders seem rightful too. According to Carl Stevenson from the University of Nottingham, U.K., this research can result in finding a better cure for the anxiety-related disorders in the coming future.

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