Mumbai’s April Fools Prank Got Real: Ola Charged Rs 149 Crore for Nothing

We are very well aware of April month and the significance of 1st April. Right? Not only the first day, but the all 30 days of this April Fools Month are not taken serious at all. But not everybody experiences prank as The Prank. For some people pranks turns out to be a real one. And in this case it is Sushil Narsian—a resident of Mumbai.

Mumbai’s April Fools Prank Got Real: Ola Charged Rs 149 Crore for Nothing

Sushil actually thought that an Ola ride, which he didn’t even take, costing Rs 149 crore was a prank played with him. The actual cost of this short Mumbai ride was hardly 200 to 250 rupees. How would you feel if you knew the actual cost and are given a bill in crores for a ride, which is not even taken?

Wondering how is this possible? Let’s take you to the actual story.

Sushil booked an Ola ride on April 1 from Mulund West to his destination Vakola Market. As per the procedure, a cab was assigned to him. Unfortunately, the driver’s phone battery was down and the phone was discharged, due to which he was not able locate Sushil on Google Maps. Most of the cabbies use Google Maps to locate customer’s location.

However, the cab was seen stationary on Google Maps to Sushil. Hence, he decided to reach the driver’s location as shown in the Maps. On reaching the cabbie’s location, he was not able to find the cab.

Sooner or later he found that the cab was cancelled from the driver’s side some time before and he was charged for nothing. He was not just charged but was heftily charged with the amount of Rs 149 crore. Shocking…! Right? How can Ola even charge so much for a ride that is not taken..!

Did Ola really play the April Fools prank on him? Well, he was not sure of what had happened as what he did was just booked a cab for about 22 Kms, for which the fare estimation was hardly Rs 200 to 250. Sushil had Rs 127 in his digital wallet, which was also deducted at that time.

Later, Sushil complained about this blunder by the Ola. Ola immediately provided the refund of the deducted digital wallet money and also offered Sushil 25 discounted ride he will take till 31 May. Further the hefty ride fare of Rs 149 crore was also taken back.

What a Serious April Fools joke it was…!!

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