Seven Charging Mistakes That Could Kill Your iPhone

iPhones are a onetime investment and people don’t want to mess with. However, old iPhones are like the aged population who require a lot of care to stay together. In some cases, the way you charge your phone can kill it instantly no matter how old or new it is. You must be wondering what could actually go wrong while charging. Isn’t it? There are seven simple points to answer this question. Some of our unknown habits are doing a lot of harm to the lithium-ion batteries.

Seven Charging Mistakes That Could Kill Your iPhone

Never charge your phone up to 100%:

The over juicing of your phone can have a deadly impact on it. If the charge drops below 90% and your palm starts to sweat then you need to give your phone a break. The answer to your phones efficiency is not full charging so trying recharging it 30–80% in breaks during a short period of time rather than charging it overnight.

Draining the battery till your phone dies:

The constant draining of the batteries does no good to your phone. If the battery charge falls below the lower point very often, then it wears down the battery life. Letting the phone die out in one or two months is a good way of helping your phone calibrate the battery gauge.

Battery overheating:

The battery is not only overheated when it is juiced too much but also when it is placed in the sun for too many hours. Normally, comfort temperature zone of iPhone is 32–45 Degree Celsius. Once the phone is overheated then it really takes a lot of time to cool down and requires a lot of extra energy to work in these extreme conditions.

Use of a wrong charger:

The Apple chargers have a unique feature of cutting off power supply once the phone has hit 100% charge which is not the case with the fake chargers. Not only do these unauthorized chargers kill the phone but it can also get you killed.

Charging with the case on:

Charging your phone with the case on can heat up the phone to an extent where the phone can be damaged. In short, the fancy cover does no favor to your phone.

Too much use of wireless charger:

The use of a wireless charger instead of a normal charger can save the phone from overheating. The normal wired chargers overheat the phone to a greater extent.

Storing phone backup without charge:

While taking a phone backup or updating your iPhone, it is mandatory to have at least 50% charge in your phone or stay connected to a charger till the updation is complete. If the charge drops below the charge limit then it may reach a deep discharge state which can hamper the phone’s performance.

Don’t over juice your phone as it may kill you and your phone.

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