U.S. Based Linear Air Expands In Air Taxi Market

The evolving modes of transportation have introduced many new concept and products. This includes driver less cars, drones (though drone don’t commute humans for now but soon it is expected to be seen in the sky). Focusing on the practicality of the technologies, we only have planes and helicopters as reliable modes of transport. So the tycoons who have acquired new airplane service business are now expanding their services by jumping into air taxi services.

U.S. Based Linear Air Expands In Air Taxi Market

One of the renowned air taxi service provider Linear air is projecting to spread out is charter offering through online platform. Analyzing the growing recognition of small aircraft taxi services among the US commuters the company came to this conclusion.

 “This sector is emerging at fast pace as rising figures of travelers are preferring, flexible aircraft at low-cost to attend their voyage needs,” says Bill Herp, founder and CEO of the Concord, Massachusetts-based company.

Company launched its online market place in 2013, since then Linear Air serves with the bookings of the planes that are handled by about 650 operators and to fulfill the specific demand the company has 1,700 small aircraft powered by small piston and turbines in its fleet. Other planes include Cessna Caravan single-engine turboprops, Cirrus SR22 piston-singles, and Eclipse 500 very light jets. These aircraft dominates in the U.S.  Air taxi market.

The four-seat jet is considerably cheaper to function than a chartered plane and a turboprop, and they are highly requested by the travelers to fly in those cities and towns that are disappointingly served by airline companies.

Focusing on the current domestic travel market in US, it is projected that about 40 million of passengers travel each year by scheduled airlines at high cost or with unrestricted coach tariff.  This cost is anytime comparable to hiring a small propelling aircraft.

Additionally to pull the price of air travel down, Linear is also introducing a new program that will enable customers who have their own chartered planes listed on online market place can also sell their vacant seats available on flight. The company also plans to launch shuttle service in association with the operating partners.


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