Is Windows Defender Good Enough?

Installing antivirus seems to be important. But the new Windows 10 has its own antivirus known as Windows Defender. But is Windows Defender capable enough? Can we completely depend on it? Well, let us see.

Is Windows Defender Good Enough?

Basically, the new Windows 10 already has an antivirus program running in the background. Windows 10 has built-in Windows Defender that is capable of automatically scanning the programs, downloads, and new definitions from Windows Update. It also offers an interface that can be utilized for in-depth scans.

But how worth or capable is it? Well, truly speaking, the company’s antivirus is a bit traditional and runs behind the time when compared with other antivirus software tests. The alarm for this must have been sounded way back.

Windows Defender offers various benefits. It won’t trouble you with requests and pop-ups for money. It is lighter in size than other antivirus solutions. It will not try to make money from harvesting your browsing data, as most of the free antivirus have initiated making an attempt to make a fortune. Yes!!! There are free antiviruses that sell your data for a good price. Users get happy as they are receiving free antivirus. But, these antiviruses do not perform well. On top of this, they sell your data compromising your privacy. Hence, it is better to avoid such antiviruses.

In short, Windows Defender does not offer bad protection. All you have to do is keep your Windows up-to-date and use a latest browser. In addition, prevent using potentially dangerous plug-ins like Java. In a nutshell, the usual computer security habits you should be following are too troublesome, and Windows Defender offers you the same but with less trouble and a baseline of protection.

In the end, it depends on the individual’s choice whether to use antivirus or Windows Defender.

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