13-Year Old Accidentally Shots Himself Live On Insta

The craze of being live of social media has reached a new height. Recently, a shocking incident took place in the U.S. A 13-year old boy shot and killed himself when he was live on Instagram.

13-Year Old Accidentally Shots Himself Live On Insta

Malachi Hemphill, who resides in Forest Park, Georgia, was found out cold. His mother and his sister heard a loud bang from his bedroom after he shot himself.

When asked his mother Shaniqua Stephens, she said that she heard a loud noise from his bedroom. She was not sure if it was a gunshot or not. But she did realize that it was something wrong. As soon as Shaniqua and her daughter went up stairs and entered Malachi’s bedroom, they saw Malachi lying on the floor in a pool of his own blood. Shaniqua was shocked and so was her daughter. Her daughter noticed Malachi’s smartphone. She quickly screamed to Shaniqua to turn off the smartphone. When Shaniqua saw the smartphone, she noticed that Malachi was live on Instagram at the time of his suicide.

It was later found that Malachi was live on Instagram with a gun held in his hand when he went off. He was immediately taken to the Grady Hospital to know that he was dead.

Shaniqua said that it is a terrible thing happened to her and she will be carrying this pain for her whole life. Malachi was the only son that Shaniqua had and he was 13 years old. Shaniqua said that the very thought of seeing her son lying on the floor in a pool of blood will haunt her for the rest of her life.

Later that day, Shaniqua claimed that all of this scenario was an accident and was intentional. She clearly specified that it was not an act of suicide. Most of Malachi’s friends gathered outside the house at the time of this incident. There were around 40–50 students present outside the house. According to the sources, these were the students who were watching Malachi live and rushed to his house as soon as possible to see if everything is fine.

Well, this was indeed a new height of being live on social media.

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