Beltone’s Wireless Hearing Aid Launched

In today’s generation, right from the aged to the younger group, there are millions of people suffering from the hearing-related problems. So, in order to find a solution for this, the company Beltone from Illenios, a GN Hearing Care Group’s division, has come up with a wireless hearing aid named “Belton Trust” for the benefit of the people.

Beltone’s Wireless Hearing Aid LaunchedAccording to Beltone, the rising demand for clarity in the hearing aids has resulted in the development of the solution based on the technological advancements and the audiological data obtained till date. The new hearing aid has better sound quality, remote fine-tuning option, and advanced software for giving it a high-end configuration. There are a number of other features, for instance, third-generation CrossLink Directionality, in order to help convey a clear, improved hearing, superior speech understanding even when in the noisy surroundings, and also intensified 360-degree audibility. The device is a fifth-generation of its kind and has a 2.4GHz wireless solution.

The remote fine-tuning option, a new two-way alternative, called the Remote Care lets an individual enjoy the best and optimized hearing experience. The needs of the wearer can also be easily understood by the hearing care professionals using the new device. The Remote Care also helps one to connect to a cloud, which makes the users post their specified concerns. The app called “Beltone HearMax” is what makes the sharing of the hearing problems’ pros and cons.

Beltone’s President Corrine Perritano says, “The company’s only motto is to deliver the best of the hearing care required on the personalized basis to all its customers that too at convenient and simple price. Beltone’s professionals are responsible for delivering and empowering the hearing aid solution benefit among the people all over the world.

Recently, the company has come up with new software known as “Solus Max” for helping the professionals access the patient information at an easier and faster pace. Beltone’s BelCare program envelops the care and protection of not only its hearing aid products but also its customers.

Beltone Trust will surely create chaos in the industry and will prove to be a tough competition for its rivals.

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