Disaster Recovery With EaseUS

There is a “warning” on your computer screen about some wrack-up about to happen suchlike system breakdown, hard disk failure, data forfeit and other major issues that can shut down the computer completely. Don’t be taken aback this can lead to make the computer dead and loose all the important data and information. Organisations and individuals don’t pay attention to such botheration and suffer hefty loss of data. If there are warnings like disk failure or system reboot then pay attention to it the computer needs immediate assistance. A data recovery tool is required if any mishap with the files, folders, documents has happened.

The data that appears to be inaccessible and lost is not lost forever. It can be recovered with the help of data recovery softwares. Data Recovery is an approach to get back the lost data. In simple terms it means to repair something to make it usable again. The recovery software revive the files, databases, hard disks and retrieve the lost data.


No one can anticipate a crash be it natural or technical, it is always better to prepare for the unseen hurdles well in advance. The use of data recovery tools is extremely important and necessary these days. EaseUS Data Recovery Software is a complete package. It can recover lost files even after deleting it or formatting your hard drive. It is a professional data recovery tool. It is compatible with all operating systems like Android, Mac, iOS, windows which makes it superior and flexible. It can operate in 12 different languages which makes it user friendly and easy to use. It can perform a mac data recovery as well very efficiently. It can recover from any device like PC, mobile phone, laptop, USB etc. It doesn’t require much space in the hard disk it’s easy to install and use at all steps.

Disaster Recovery With EaseUS

How To Use Data Recovery Wizard When Lost Data?

Step 1:

This software supports all file types so it is convenient to use it for the users. First of all, Download the setup and install in the computer. The user needs to select a location to start searching for data. The user must define the specific location like Libraries, desktop, partitions, folders etc.

Step 2:

The second step is to let the Program scan the computer. The status of which is displayed on the screen and the user can keep track of what is being scanned. The first scan takes place very quickly and only the list of deleted files or cleaned files from the recycle bin will be displayed on the list. After the quick scan the program will perform another scan automatically which is comparatively longer than the first one.

Step 3:

After the scan the results are thousands of files that are found. The arrangement of these files is unorganized and the user can select the target files and recover deleted files and save them on the computer or storage device. One can even import and export the scan results for future reference.

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