Facebook: Suspected Spam Operation Disrupted

Facebook recently revealed that it has distorted an operation of international fake account that was probably reported to make inauthentic “likes” and “false comments” in order to increase their friends list, which was later hammered with spam.

Facebook: Suspected Spam Operation Disrupted

As per the company’s security manager, Shabnam Shaik, security team of Facebook has spent nearly 6 months to fight neutralize this, which seem to be a coordinated campaign according to them.

In a blog post, Shaik further mentioned that their systems were able to recognize majority of this unlawful activities going on and also to remove considerable number of inauthentic likes. He further added that by disturbing this campaign, they now anticipate to secure the network and prevent the spammers from achieving their goal of firing inauthentic stuff to a large number of users.

This network of spammers used accounts in various countries such as Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Saudi Arabia.

According to Shaik, the spammers group tried to hide its activities using strategies such as using proxy servers to connect with the social network in order to mask where posts, likes, or other activities were originating.

Facebook further stated that the campaign’s major goal was to connect as many friends they can by tricking them and later target with spam. The company further revealed that it had distorted the spammer’s operation in time and had spared users from being the victim.

Facebook, the leading social network, last week said it has started clearing out fake accounts by keep an eye on their chary behavior such as repetitive outburst of messages or posts.

This security enhancement was reported as a part of the extra efforts taken to free the leading social network from misinformation, frauds, and fake news through the verification of people’s identities.

According to Shaik, when people don’t fake themselves on Facebook, they tend to behave responsibly and the same way as they are in real life. Bogus accounts don’t pursue this pattern, and are strongly into creating fake news, posts and spreading spam.

In order to stop the spread of fake news, Facebook has taken several steps such as easy reporting of such posts and hard to earn money from them. Do you think spammers can overcome this too and find some new method to continue their fraud?

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