Important Points to Consider During PCB Design

Electronic is a very complicated and serious thing. Before working in this direction, you need a very long time to learn, to get a good experience and special skills. If you do nothing in this sense, it is better not to intervene. But there are people who are gifted and do interesting things like bonding, soldering and playing around with all sorts of electronic devices and cables, in a word. You look today for these and other professionals at some point of time. So, here are a few points to consider while designing a PCB.

Important Points to Consider During PCB Design


Before we begin to engage in decoration, you need to charge a fee. Generally, the card is for a long time, in demand in electronics to connect individual electronic components or assemblies. Before units and components will be located on printed circuit boards themselves, they must be soldered .Making a printed circuit board may seem a tedious and a little difficult process. You will need iron chloride, solvent, drill hammer, printed tape circuit, pcb, lacquered handle, fine-grained sandpaper and permanent marker. At home go for printed circuit board manufacturers and closely follow the instruction for implementation of the work.

You need the PCB for board to board connector. Prepare to be able to apply the pattern. Before the process of drawing fine sandpaper pcb, then remove the solvent. This is to ensure that the pattern is well applied, and it is uniformly etching the PCB.

Make a hole

PCB design should be done gradually and gradually. Therefore, the next step is to attach your circuit boards to your own PCB with the help of adhesive tape. To move the place where the hole is located and where you will mount the far element, you need to make to drill our PCB in the location where the attached diagram and knock the hammer. Where we confuse the hammer will appear a small dent. The printed circuit board manufacturing technology such as allows you to control the process and to see all the errors.

Create track

After the previous work is done, start connecting the line on the PCB. For this you need the printed circuits so as not to make mistakes and not to start working again. Scondar suggests to have a detailed circuit print for easy routing.

 Lacquer your marker will need to draw large tracks, and draw a small permanent. The top tracks should be covered with a lacquer marker. We track should be drawn to other permanent markers. Then dilute the chloride and gently lower it to the PCB. The first stage is complete, we have drawn the cost. As you know, the printed circuit board with your hand is quite easy and not takes a lot of time.

Make PCB

¬†Electronics and upgraded systems often require custom solutions. Such solutions may be the same independent development of printed circuit boards. Yes, it’s not easy, but decent enough. You need almost the same tools as when working with hand drawn cards. This is, first of all, soldering, iron chloride, drill (diameter – 1 mm) PCB, plastic container and nitro (just maybe nail polish). First it needs to do layout (different details and track) board with pencil. It is necessary to clean the surface of the fat with acetone, after that you need to draw the track using nitro paint. Instead of nitro paint you can use nail polish or special marker. The plastic container should be the solution of the chloride iron. That is where you should put your future cost somewhere in 15 minutes. If the stale PCB solution can hold it again. Go ahead of the solution we are getting the PCB. Check the PCB does not have copper residue (excluding the one that is under paint). Swipe and dry it. It is necessary to drill a hole at the desired point on the board. The required part should be soldered. Now you can use your own card.

PCB Recovery

 Sometimes it happens that for some reason, the electronics fade, it becomes one of the details printed on the card. A common problem is the failure of printed circuit board burning tracks. This indicates that this path has very strong current. As you can see, which is different, so first you need to make sure the problem and fix it. Then you can gradually restore the printed conductor. Just want to warn you that there is no need to carry out the reconstruction of the factory board. You can easily customize your own device. A lot of printed conductors, which are burned, you have to duplicate certain cables that have the appropriate parts.

Before the recovery board need to carefully check the location of the damaged path. For check the reliability of the information from the initial schematic. With a sharp knife, remove the remnants of the tracks that have been working. You can also make a knife or other sharp object. The places that has been burned, you need to clean, so as not to leave the charred chair on the board. Find the insulated wire. He must go to the cross section of the damaged path. The wire is not used, you need to be solid. Solder can be up to the conclusion of the details (burned wire before the connecting part), as well as possible and the whole detail. Clean carefully with the blade edge of Track, then use the solder’s rosin. Further work you can do on the instructions as described above.

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