Instagram Marketing Tips for Growing Your Business

Instagram Marketing Tips for Growing Your Business

For most of the business owners, the platform of Instagram can be little mysterious. Even if you are not a big celebrity, it will get hard for you to be famous on Instagram. Even if this is true, then being a business owner you would need to focus on engaging as well as connecting yourself with the market to attract the potential customers. Here are some important tips mentioned which can help you in making your business marketing successful.

Integrate with the Instagram community:

Like all the other social media networks, Instagram offers the best features which can be used for forming the strong relation with the customers. By using this network, you not only get a small space to post your photos but to participate in various business communities around you.

There are a lot of ways which can help in building your strong part in the community of Instagram. You can use hashtags for connecting with the users. Another thing could be the likes and comments for making people get involved in this community. Being the part of the different marketing campaign carrying out on the Instagram can aid you in contributing to the greater good. Moreover, you can share photos or videos from various accounts for events happening in the business communities which can make you feel like the real part of these communities.

Keep your pictures intact with your company’s vibe:

Few of the highly successful companies on the Instagram pay deep attention to the way images can contribute to exhibiting the identity of their brands. They appear to own the overarching themes for the photos which they post – and these themes are also linked closely to the overall image of the company.

For example, the Starbucks, whose objective statement was to inspire as well as nurture the human soul – one being, one cup and neighborhood at the moment. Most of their posts on Instagram support their statement in a nice manner, providing the inspiration and the heart touching photos. Instead of the simple promotional photos and the random picture of different flavors of coffee, they try to use this imaging platform to meet their goal and further their storyline.

Make your profile optimized:

This doesn’t take much time to make your Instagram profile completely optimized, and this can leave an important influence on the number of people who visit the site of your company. Few of the common practices which can be adopted for optimizing the profile are given below:

  • Be sure that the images and caption you add are related to your business vibe.
  • Also, try adding the location with your posts.
  • You can use various tool for purchasing the likes and followers like Vibbi. This will help the audience to get attracted to your profile.
  • Use the logo of the company anywhere in the profile so that customers would know the official features of your brand.
  • Think about including the company linked hashtags on the posts of your profiles so that customers and followers know that the posts belong to your company.
  • Be sure that your photos and other media content are steady with other social media accounts you have.

Make use of the Instagram ad tools for extending the reach of the posts:

You are now allowed to do the advertising on Instagram with the help of specialized tools. About some months before, just the large brands could reach to this feature. Remember that you presently require an account of Facebook for making use of these ad tools.

Check for the ads for your company for extending the access of your posts to reach the potential clients. As the case study done on the Instagram shows that McDonalds got lift of the 47 points by recalling the ad which is one of the largest results obtained globally by usage of any tool.


It can be hoped that these small tips and tricks could motivate you to start using Instagram for planning the marketing strategy or for raising the present investment on this platform to increase the promotion of your brand. With huge data base on this platform, Instagram holds the genuine worth to market the business, regardless of the size of the company.

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