Introduction of Pinwi 2.0: An Update to the Parenting App

Play-Interest-Wise (Pinwi), a data drive app for parenting and child development has recently revealed its new version 2.0 for Android as well as iOS platforms. The recent version of the app enables the parents to take a survey of the app for free. After experiencing the advantages of the app, they can go forward to subscribe for the complete version.

Introduction of Pinwi 2.0: An Update to the Parenting App

Pinwi 2.0 has been designed with a simple and instinctive interface. Parents, as well as children, have a part to play and hence, have a distinct interface within the app. Parents can utilize the app to plan and schedule activities for their kids. Kids rate every activity done by them, create a wish list of activities they want to perform, and make posts regarding the activities they had pleasure doing.

As the kids submit the least critical data needed for examination, the app creates an insight report that depicts the interests of the kids across 17 aspects in conjunction with the activity suggestions on the basis of this report. These recommendations can be used by the parents to explore and plan new activities that are scheduled again on Pinwi for the kids to rate.

What drives the attention to this app is the fact that it not only takes into thought what the parent recognizes about the interests of their kids, but also the actual interpretation of how the child thinks of each activity they undertake.

Interest Mapping Model, which is the newly added feature in the app, is a limited study of the interest of a child. The parents can use this version as many times they want to for their kids, each time they think the set of activities their kids are following has been changed.

Once the parent-user wants to purchase the complete version of the app, they will be offered with a thorough study of the interest of their kids on the basis of constantly gathered information over a time period and will also exhibit patterns of activities/interest enjoyed by their kid. The already paid users will be asked to put in their password & ID and then will be attributed automatically with the premium edition of the app.

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