Make Your Travel Planning More Convenient With the Updated Google Trips App

We all know about the Trips app launched by Google for Android and iOS. The app basically assists the users to keep track of their schedule while traveling. The app can be downloaded for free. It pulls the data from the Google account of the user. It automatically generates trips on the basis of entire data sent to the user’s Gmail inbox, such as hotel receipts, flight confirmation, maps to your hotel, car reservations, and so on. The user can also get the real-time info on flight delays, gate changes, and terminals, so nothing is missed by the user.

Make Your Travel Planning More Convenient With the Updated Google Trips App

The best part of using this app is that the user can simply download all of this data to use it offline during the travel; the only thing you should know is that it won’t show you real-time updates when you are offline. By tapping on your trip, the user can see few more options apart from the standard reservations; it includes things to do, day pans, getting around, and food & drinks.

And now, the app is upgraded to offer few features to the users by allowing them to make manual alterations to their journey schedule. Let’s have a detailed look at the new features of the update version of the app.

The facility to share your reservations:

The user can now simply share the information of their travel reservations with other people. All you need to do is just click the arrow button from within the app.

You can include eleventh-hour changes:

By selecting the “+” button in the right corner at the bottom, the user can input new information such as flight and airline number or the hotel name you will be staying, even if there is no email confirmation. They can also simply add notes to their reservations.

Bus or Train reservations will be too added now:

Now the app makes it possible to organize all the bus and train reservations automatically along with the other reservations of the journey, such as hotel, flight, restaurant, and car confirmations. It should be added automatically as long as it is available in the email.

So, what do you think about the updated version of Google Trips?

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