Attention gadget freaks: Asus set to unveil a wireless router

Wi-Fi is the new way of accessing the internet. But for making the connection possible the most important device is the router. The router is currently being developed by a number of companies and that too in various sizes.

When we think of a router then the first thing that comes to are mind is the angular box along with specific heightened antennae. Hence, in order to get a change in the design Asus has come up with a new one. The new router called “Blue Cave router” is what the company plans to commercialize as soon as possible. The new design is an angular box with a big blue hole in between. The hole in between help spread the signals without the need of any antennae.

The company has introduced its product at the Computex trade show in Taiwan. The killer look is what Asus plans to use to attract a lot of customers in the long run. In addition to its trendy appearance, the router has a dual band with four LAN ports, lower sided single USB 3.0 port, and a hidden antenna in the above area. The router has the gaping hole for a design purpose too.

The chic router is designed with an extra bonanza, that is, it can support the Amazon’s digital assistant “Alexa” as well as can attune with the IFTTT protocol so as to make the linking of various home appliances and automating tasks possible. In today’s world of data breaching, the addition of the AiProtection function for the security purposes within the home network is of utmost importance. This function helps avoid the unwanted data sources from accessing or preventing the malicious software from infecting the network.

What’s more interesting is that the users have the option of viewing the network traffic data using the control app and set up certain rights for individual device accesses. For now, Asus has kept the pricing and availability information of the device under the wraps. However, speculations are high that the device may cost $180.

Let’s wait and watch until the product commercializes and starts dominating the market.

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