Autoliv and Volvo collaborates with Nvidia to sell self-driving cars

Self-driving cars, just from a concept to the one available at present, there has been a lot of developments and failures as well. And now, with the intention of developing a self-driving automotive software, a new joint partnership is been formed by Volvo with Autoliv, named Zenuity. The idea is to ultimately attain to the stage where they can place self-driving cars for trade, established on Drive PX in-car AI computing interface of Nvidia, by the year of 2021.

That is a tall order, but already Drive PX of Nvidia is being utilized to power self-driving automobiles in road testing, including the demonstration vehicles of Nvidia itself. Zenuity of Autoliv and Volvo will use AI car compute foundation of Nvidia as the base for the development of their own software, with the faith of stepping up the development progress of the commercially targeted self-directed vehicles of Volvo.

The Senior Director of Automotive of Nvidia said, “The software that we are developing with them will be in few instances exclusive to Volvo. On the other hand, Autoliv will also have the privileges to make the software accessible to other automakers. I think we are initiating to perceive, in the industry, this kind of partnerships and the prospect to take benefit from Nvidia.”

As a new unit, Zenuity will offer the consequential self-driving software from the collaboration directly to Volvo, whereas Autoliv will also sell the same software to third-party original equipment manufacturers by means of its existing relationships and supply channels. It is a good part for Nvidia, too, as its PX platform will be the main component for original equipment manufacturers seeking to install the system in their vehicles.

Autoliv, since long time now is a safety technology provider for the automotive industry, has been functioning on active safety systems, comprising vision, radar, and other ADAS technology. But it believes that the AI platform of Nvidia will assist it to take its own driver assistance and autonomous technology to the higher level.

Nvidia and Volvo had before collaborated for the autonomous car pilot program, “Drive Me,” of Volvo, but this will be the first time they have declared collaboration intended at commercial trades of vehicles.

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