Google search engine to turn into a job engine

Google is one of the most commonly used search engines. Google, the creator of the search engine, has been ruling the computer technology world for quite some time now. The search engine helps the searching of anything, which an individual wants more information about, all the more quick and easy.

But after looking at the success of its search engine, Google now plans to convert it into a job engine so as to make the employment hunting procedure all the more easy. The basic reason behind Google helping construct such a platform is to curb people from falling into traps related to fake job postings on any sites. It is expected to help list out the jobs after the overall Internet hunt. The rate of duplicate job postings and infidelity issues can be solved to a great extent.

Google has always got a different way of viewing things and finding out a better solution for it. The company plans to design the job engine site in such a manner that it can help the layman also understand things easily. It has planned to firstly provide the users with certain comments and ratings posted by the current or earlier employees regarding the job details, company details and environment, as well as provide them with the exact job location.

In addition to all this, it will also have links that will help you connect to other important sites related to the jobs. This skeleton kind of links is how Google has been presenting data traditionally on its search engines. Google plans to build altogether a new search engine for all the job seekers.

For completing the task with accuracy Google has planned to take the help from the already existing employer services such as CareerBuilder, Facebook, WayUp, Monster, Glassdoor,, DirectEmployers, LinkedIn, and so on. With the help of these services, Google is sure about succeeding in increasing the ratings of its search engine.

So far, Google hasn’t disclosed any clue regarding the release of the new search engine version. Guys, it looks like we have to wait till Google plans to unveil its new service.

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