London terror attack: A police officer takes down the three terrorists by himself

The attack on the London Bridge has got the people in the U.K. in too much jeopardy. The bloodshed in Westminster, Manchester, and now on the London Bridge has got the U.K. government talking that “enough is enough.” Now no more of Islamist extremism or their evil ideology will be taken lightly.

Looking at the seven dead and 48 injured in the terror attack, the government is set to give back an answer in return. The attack was carried out by three men who first drove into the pedestrians on the London Bridge and then plunged out of the van before starting a stabbing spree in the nearby restaurants and bars. So far, the details point the finger at ISIS. The terrorists are considered to be the members of the Islamic State Fighters.

According to Prime Minister Theresa May, the U.K. government has reached the intolerance level after the third attack and is looking forward to take a step ahead to curb such terror attack from happening again.

It has been revealed that a British Transport Police (BTP) officer armed with just a batcon tried taking down the three terror suspects who were driving the van over the people and later went on a stabbing rampage before being stabbed in the head, neck, and leg by those evils.

The police later shot dead these three terrorists and brought the situation under control. But still, seven people had to lose their lives in this atrocity. The BTP officer got a lot of tribute from his top officers for his act of courage. The officer’s condition is said to be stable since yesterday and he was able to give a detailed account of what had exactly happened last night.

Looking at such officers’ act of bravery without even thinking about their safety is surely something that will make the Londoners proud of their emergency services. After this attack, the people in London and all the visitors there are going to see a lot of armed forces taking rounds in the city.

Thus, after the Saturday’s attack, the emergency services in London are going to be on a high alert so as to avoid such attacks from happening again in the city.

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