Nintendo to launch Super Mario Odyssey later this October

What’s coming this Christmas and Thanksgiving is something that is going to blow off everyone’s minds? It is a bonus for all the Mario game lovers as they have the Super Mario Odyssey and a new Switch console being introduced later this year. So guys, get ready to shop this Christmas and Thanksgiving.

As per the Nintendo officials, the Mario game will hit the market by October 27, 2017. After the release of the Switch, the company plans to surpass another hurdle in its history in the coming months. This Japan-based company is currently topping the gaming’s chart in the U.S. owing to its gaming devices and fabulous games.

Currently, Nintendo plans to build its own console for its games. This idea is a great proposition for the company so as to stay strong in the market. Looking at the disappointing performance of the Super Mario 3D and Super Mario Galaxy titles, Nintendo plans to hit another level altogether. According to the trailers the new Super Mario Odyssey, it looks amazing and something that the game lovers have been waiting for all this while. In this game, Mario has a cap which is kind of another autonomous flying character and in a number of levels Mario has to fight the Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur, tour Mexican-themed land, and also transform into a saucepan-wielding turtle with a mustache.

Thus, it isn’t just the title but the gameplay is as also worth the wait. Along with this, the Mario fans have another game named the “Mario and Rabbids Kingdom Battle” being released by this August.

This year Nintendo has a games line-up such as the Kirby, Yoshi, and Mario for the Switch console being released. Though getting hands on the new Super Mario Odyssey and the Switch console are still months away, it has got the fans gagging over the release this year.

The game is kind of a hotly anticipated entertainment, the people have been waiting for. So all the Mario lovers are you ready to shell out some penny from your pockets on the new console and Mario game by the end of this October? Start thinking as the time as already started ticking.


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